High-strength chemical tempered glass(ARMOREX)

ARMOREX is a high-strength chemical tempered glass based on soda-lime glass. This glass is extremely cost-effective, a perfect balance between strength and good cutting workability. ARMOREX is appropriate for protection glass and cover glass integrated touch panels(OGS*) for displays.
The Central Glass group provides a full range of production services, from base plate to glass cutting and chemical tempering processing.

*OGS : One Glass Solution


Touch panels, protection glass for displays, cover glass integrated touch panels(OGS), cover on cover glass(COC), etc.


  • Surface compressive stress values: CS = 650 MPa and greater
  • Depth of compressive stress layer: DOL = 10 - 13 μm
  • Glass thickness: 0.33 mmt - 2.9 mmt
  • Maximum size supplied: 730 × 920 mm

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