Fluorine Resins

CEFRAL SOFT (Flexible Fluoroplastic)

CEFRAL SOFT is a revolutionary flexible fluoroplastic developed by combining fluorine-containing rubber and crystalline fluorine resin by means of a unique method of graft polymerization. As a special features, it combines the flexibility of fluorine-containing rubber with the melt moldability of fluorine resin.

CEFRAL COAT (Fluororesin for Paint)

CEFRAL COAT is a solvent-soluble fluororesin for paint that hardens at ambient temperatures. It is outstanding in terms of weather resistance, chemical resistance and antifouling properties, and is optimum for finishing coats in severe environments such as buildings, chemical plants, vehicles and bridges.

CEFRAL LUBE (Low Molecular Weight)

CEFRAL LUBE is the brand name for the low-molecular tetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) uniquely developed by Central Glass using proprietary technology. Depending on the difference in molecular weight, CEFRAL LUBE is available as I grade or V grade.

Excellent chemical stability
Melt flow properties above the melt point
The I grade is for general use because of its large molecular weight. It has excellent heat stability.
Since the V grade has low molecular weight, the melt point is low but it is outstanding in terms of resistance to water and oil and lubricating properties. Melt viscosity is also low and it vaporizes when heated. Since it is fine-grained, it is well suited for applications that need particularly minute particles.
? Lubricity, water resistance, oil resistance, mold lubricant

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